Over the past 80 years we have harvested and cherished our relationships with local BC Farmers.
During the summer months, we will be featuring local farms and the hard working employees behind it.

Every farmer has a story, and we would like to share theirs.



Carmen and Glenn Wakeling

Carmen and Glenn Wakeling

When Carmen Wakeling began working at Eatmore Sprouts and Greens Ltd. in 1985, she had no idea she would become the co-owner one day. Eatmore originally began as a venture of family friends with a passion for food production, but it was Carmen along with her co-owner and husband, Glenn, who grew the business into the success it is today. Carmen was pursuing a career in nursing when the opportunity to take over the company came up. Realizing that she could make a bigger difference to human health by growing healthy food, she decided to take the leap. Carmen and Glenn first acquired Eatmore in 1989 and moved it to their tiny backyard in Oyster River for a few years. In 1993, they entered a partnership with another couple to grow the company and relocated to their current location. The business quickly grew from there. In 2009, Carmen and Glenn officially bought out their business partners.

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Eatmore Sprouts has been certified organic since the early 1990’s. Their sprouts and greens are grown in an indoor facility and greenhouses in the Comox Valley on Vancouver Island, which allows their products to be available 365 days a year. Eatmore specializes in growing sprouts and greens, their products include alfalfa sprouts, deli sprouts, garlic sprouts, clover sprouts, mixed bean sprouts, broccoli sprouts, micro greens, pea shoots and sunflower greens. The rest of the property is devoted to a small organic market garden, which provides their local farmers market and nearby restaurants with fresh seasonal vegetables, such as kale, cabbage, broccoli, leeks, beets, and edible flowers. Also grown on this 3.75 acres space are perennial herbs such as lavender, rosemary, thyme, chives, oregano and annual herbs, such as basil. The market garden is a labour of love for Carmen and Glenn. It is where many new developments come to life. This summer, they planted a small asparagus patch they are hoping to expand if it is successful. The garden also gives them the opportunity to grow amazing food for their staff and family - and of course, feed the bees.

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Today, Eatmore Sprouts grows 9,000 pounds of certified organic sprouts and greens a week. Their products are distributed all throughout Western Canada. As a family business, Carmen and Glenn place great value in their community. They donate sprouts and greens to their community for all sorts of events whenever they can. This encourages a healthy community through food. As food producers, they help build a healthy, strong and self-sufficient community on the Island through food. It took a lot of hard work to get to where they are today, but Carmen tells us it is also the most rewarding and fulfilling career. For Carmen and Glenn, they know they chose the right path with Eatmore Sprouts, and we couldn’t agree more. 



Carmen’s current favourite are broccoli sprouts. Broccoli sprouts have a refreshing, spicy flavour. Her go-to is scrambled eggs with sharp cheese and tomatoes on a bed of broccoli sprouts! Simple, delicious and healthy!