Welcome to Freshpoint Freshcuts. We are intent on providing you with value-added services on processed items beyond the national processors. Our niche is fresh, cut-to-order products delivered to you the next business day. You receive a 100% usable product. Just open the bag and the product is ready for you to start your preparation. No time wasted and no product wasted. Freshcuts is your answer.

Benefits to you 

  • On-site food processing facility
  • Manufactured under strict HACCP and GMP standards
  • State-of-the-art packaging technology
  • Custom cut to order: duplicating any produce presentation your chef can imagine
  • 100% yield, which means no food waste
  • Great opportunity to reduce labor costs
  • Requires less storage space
  • Consistent quality and cut size
  • Improves food safety
  • Reduces your worker’s compensation exposure


Fresh vegetables arrive at the Freshcuts plant daily. Digital temperature-loggers, at various stations along the process, monitor temperature to ensure an optimum environment for the vegetables. Using a first in/first out inventory system assures that the vegetables are always of the highest quality available. Most of the processing and packaging is automated; however the initial most important steps are still performed by hand.

Freshcuts employs the HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) program. By having specific designated inspection points at each stage of the production line (receiving, preparation, processing and packaging) the end user knows that the vegetables they are using are of the best quality and prefectly safe for the consumer.

Freshcuts equipment is state of the art and manufactured from non-permeable stainless steel and food grade plastics to ensure cleanliness. Using knife peelers rather than the old abrasive method to remove skins. Freshcuts produces more attractive and flavorful vegetables.

All vegetables are washed and dewatered after processing and before packaging. Wash water is treated with an acidic sanitizer called Tsunami. Although more expensive than bleach, Tsunami is biodegradable and provides a superior sanitation process. The hydro wash exposes all surfaces to sanitation allowing any foreign material to fall through the sieves below. A shaker table further ensures that no foreign material remains attached to the product.

Since overall plant sanitation is the first step in quality, Freshcuts has a sanitation shift every day. All equipment is dismantled and sanitized on a rotating schedule.


Freshcuts uses only the newest technology in packaging materials. We carefully pack the vegetables, balancing the need to prevent spoilage by removing available oxygen with the potential damage of over compression. Using different hi-tech gas permeable films to manufacture the pouches, assures customers that all vegetables can be stored for extended periods without jeopardizing quality.

Vegetables like tomatoes that purge liquid once cut are packaged in trays that isolate the excess liquid from the product. The liquid itself drains and locks into a special compartment ensuring the freshest cut products.

Freshcuts is committed to offering you the freshest value-added fresh cut produce available for each and every delivery.


To maintain top quality these products must be refrigerated

  • The ideal storage temperature is between 0.5° - 4.4° Celsius (33° - 40° fahrenheit)
  • To maintain optimum quality unused product should be stored in the pouch after removing all excess air
  • The end user should practice first in/first out inventory control to prevent unnecessary spoilage
  • “Skip-A-Day” requires 2 days for delivery



Freshcuts (Richmond)

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