Over the past 80 years we have harvested and cherished our relationships with local BC Farmers.
During the summer months, we will be featuring local farms and the hard working employees behind it.

Every farmer has a story, and we would like to share theirs.


J.G. Produce IN osoyoos, BC.


When Amarjeet Gill immigrated to Canada in 2001, he knew exactly what he wanted to do in BC. Growing up on a farm with his father and his grandfather who were both farmers, he was inspired to continue the family tradition in his new home. 

Amarjeet started out small with only 10 acres of land with his first crop being the green bell pepper. Eventually, he began to expand his farm, growing stone fruit and berries. Today, his farm has grown to 50 acres. When asked what his favourite crop to grow is, Amarjeet immediately picks the green bell pepper. Known to his friends as the ‘Pepper King,’ Amarjeet is the only green bell pepper grower in the Okanagan. He praises the pepper’s long shelf life and easy storage instructions, plus “it’s healthy for people,” he adds. 


Growing bell peppers is not an easy task. Amarjeet starts sowing the seeds in a greenhouse as early as February. Because the weather is still cold outside, it is much easier to take care of the baby plants in the greenhouse. With the proper temperature of this setting, the seedlings will begin germinating. When the plants reach 6 inches tall, he transplants them outdoors, just as the weather is warming up.

Today, Amarjeet and his wife manages the business with the help of 14 employees. On his days off, Amarjeet enjoys spending time at the farm with his children, teaching them the principles of farming that he learned from his father. He hopes that one day they will take over the family business and carry on his farming values. You can hear Amarjeet’s passion for farming in his voice when he speaks. He always strives to produce the best quality products and he aims to provide the best service. Quality and service are his identity. It is what J.G. Produce stands for.