Over the past 80 years we have harvested and cherished our relationships with local BC Farmers.
During the summer months, we will be featuring local farms and the hard working employees behind it.

Every farmer has a story, and we would like to share theirs.



Drive down Ladner Trunk road in Delta, B.C. and amongst the farm lands, you will find a neighbourhood gem, owned and operated by Steve Wong.

Vandula Farms has become a staple in the neighbourhood, with returning customers visiting from Surrey, Ladner and Tsawawassen. Many of them are regulars and have been visiting Steve and his family since its opening in 1973. We met up with Steve at his market location where he proudly showed us around his farmer’s market and his greenhouse filled with blooming hanging flower baskets and potted plants.

Vandula Farms has been providing a variety of fresh produce to BC over the years, some of which include Rhubarb, Green Beans, Peas, Peppers and Garlic.

    Vandula Farms' rhubarb plants and hanging flower baskets. 

    Vandula Farms' rhubarb plants and hanging flower baskets. 

Steve was enthusiastic to show us his latest project. Through the store we walked, and into the neighbouring field, Steve points towards three shiny new greenhouses. “This has been my second year growing strawberries,” he says enthusiastically. As we follow him toward the greenhouses, he picks up an empty basket and proceeds inside the house. As we follow him down the aisle of strawberry plants, he begins to pick the ripe ones and place them in his basket. “I really want you to try these, they are the best ones yet,” he says.The enthusiasm in his voice speaks to his passion for his craft. His strawberries are not sprayed and no chemicals are used. Steve’s 16,000 strawberry plants are no small commitment, and he is well aware of it. “Come back next week! There will be more for you!” he says as we take the freshly picked basket of strawberries home.

    Steve and his greenhouse grown strawberries.

    Steve and his greenhouse grown strawberries.

If you are ever in the area, a stop at Vandula Farms and the market are a must! And if you ever see Steve, ask him about his strawberries!


• Established in 1973
• Open mid-April to Halloween.
• Staff starts working on the fall harvest from January, planting flower beds and plants in the early winter months.
• One of their most popular events is the yearly U-Pick Pumpkin Patch!